VBS 2016 – Journey Off The Map


Come Take a Journey With Us!

Join us this Summer for a three day Vacation Bible School for kids ages 4-youth, July 14-16th.

Journey Off The Map takes your kids to uncharted territory where they will begin to understand that obedience to God can lead them beyond the expected. So, toss the map, stick close to your guide, and prepare to listen for God’s direction in this journey that is unknown to us, but known by Him.

We’ll hear from our jungle guides Tripp and Harvey, dig into God’s word, sing songs of worship, and enjoy some snacks and crafts.

Also, during these three days, we will be encouraging the kids to bring their loose change to donate to the food bank, as we talk about missions and helping others. For every dollar we donate to the food bank, they are able to purchase approximately ten pounds of food! We will also be teaching the kids that giving helps others, no matter how much or how little. Every dollar, every quarter, helps another person have food to eat and shows love to others. So search under those couch cushions and check the car floor boards to feed people in our community.

KnowYourGuideClasses are available for:

  • 4’s and 5’s

  • 1st – 3rd grade

  • 4th – 6th grade

  • 7th – 12th grade

The schedule:

  • Thursday, 6:30pm-8:30pm

  • Friday, 6:30pm-8:30pm

  • Saturday, 10:00am-2:00pm

isaiah 30-21

Registration is still open:

Register each child individually, one at a time. Use the form below or click here to open the form in a new window. 

(If registering more than one child, it may be easier to open the form in a new window.)

Cornerstone Members: to sign up to serve, click here.

We are looking forward to seeing you at VBS this Summer!

We are so excited to be doing this with you! If you need any assistance or have any other questions, please email Amber at amber.r.oliver(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!

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