Christmas Video Service

Welcome to our online Christmas Service for 2016!

We hope you are enjoying the day with your family in joyful celebration. In lieu of a church service this Sunday Christmas morning, we’ve put together this Christmas Morning Service for you online. We hope you enjoy it!

May you be blessed abundantly today and in the coming year. Love you all!

Advent 2015 – “Prophecy”



Listen to 2015’s Advent series, “Prophecy,” in which we discuss many of the prophecies fulfilled by Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection.


11-29-2015 – “Prophecy – Born of a Virgin in Bethlehem”


12-06-2015 – “Prophecy – He Is Faithful”


12-13-2015 “Prophecy – He Will Redeem Us”


12-20-2015 “Prophecy – His Arrival”





Jesus Is, Series By James Oliver


Jesus Is. . .

11-30-14 – Jesus Is Our Reason for Hope

12-07-2014 – Jesus Is Our Where Peace is Found

12-14-2014 – Jesus Is Where Our Joy Is Found – (Delivered by Alan Hewitt)

12-21-2014 – Jesus Is Our Reason For Love – Christmas Message