How to Use the Members Area

Our new site has several new features just for church members! Three main needs that have been expressed for our website are: a shared calendar, a church directory, and a way to access those privately without making it public information. We have met those needs.

So here’s what you need to know:

Registering For the Website:

Registering for the site is easy. Once you have completed the registration form, your request will be approved by the admin. Once your registration is approved, you will be able to access all of the “members only” information. When you register, use the information that you want to be included in the church directory. None of the information below will be available unless you are logged in as a user. You can always change this information later on the Member Info page. 

In addition, we have added a “Member Resources” page that will be visible after you login where you will find information and resources that the church leadership wants to share with you. If you misplace a link that is sent out in an email, most likely you will be able to find it there.

Church Directory:

The church directory is automatically compiled of the users that register for this site. So when you register, use phone numbers and email addresses that you want other members to see and contact you with. Even if you don’t plan to login and use this website in any other way, you can register so that you’re included in the church directory.

When a phone number or email address changes, the church directory will automatically be updated when you update your Member Info page. You can also upload a picture if you’d like. If you forget your password, you can request a forgotten password and the website will walk you through that.

Edited to add: It’s hard determining all the ins and outs of a feature until it’s fully in use. It’s likely that there will be some glitches. Please bear with us as we get the directory full up and running. 

Church Calendars:

There are actually two separate church calendars.

  • CCF Public Calendar – upcoming events and service projects that we want to invite others in our community to attend, or don’t mind the public seeing so that prospective members can see how we are active in our community.
  • CCF Members Calendar – member pertinent information, such as business meetings and church workdays, etc.

You can find the public calendar here: CCF Public Calendar. If you use Google calendars, you can add this calendar to yours by clicking the plus sign on the bottom right corner of the public calendar. You WILL need have a Google account to *add* the  CCF calendar to yours but you will not need a gmail address to *view* the calendar. 

Because the CCF Members Calendar is private, you will not be able to view the calendar until it has been shared with you. When you register for the site, a calender invitation will also be sent to the email address you provide. If you provide a gmail address for that, the request will be sent there. Otherwise, the invitation will be sent to the email you register with.

NOTE: Google *will* invite you to join so that you can see the calendar (that is, you will not be able to see the private calendar without a gmail account.) Whether or not you decide to create a gmail address is up to you. 

If you haven’t used Google calendar before and would like more information, you can learn more about using Google Calendars here, and you can also watch a Google Calendar tutorial on YouTube here. Members will not be able to add, delete or modify events on these two calendars, but these will give you a better understanding of how all of Google Calendars works. 

Let Us Help You

If you encounter any bugs or kinks that need to be worked out, or if you need help in any way, we have a submit form on the Contact Page that you can use to send bug reports or help requests to. That will allow the admin to work through them one by one. Thank you!


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